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Weights Playlist

Rap/Rock/Dance..... Pump You Up Music!

Duration:   75 Mins Approx

Songs in Sequence:

Limp Bizkit                           Boiler

Nickleback                                          Rockstar

Nelly                                                      Number One

Jay Z                                                     Dirt Off Your Shoulder

Guns N Roses                                     Welcome To The Jungle

Kanye West                                         Stronger

The Prodigy                                          Invaders Must Die

Cold                                                        End Of The World

Korn                                                       Somebody Someday

Linkin Park                                           Crawling

The Prodigy                                          Spitfire

ACDC                                                      Back In Black

Nirvana                                                  Smells Like Teen Spirit

The Prodigy                                          Firestarter